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Agreement and Disagreement Dialogue

Arts Performance Preparation

A : Today we will continue the discussion in the last week, about the performing arts of SMANSAKRA. In this time we will talk about some guest star who will be invited on the show performing arts. Does anyone have a suggestion?

B : I think most of teenagers today prefer foreign cultures, so I propose to invite One Direction, Taylor Swift, or perhaps Maroon 5 as the guest star.

C : I’m sorry to disagree with A, because we should show up our cultural. So I think I will suggest Soimah with Jogja Hip Hop Foundation for our event.

D : I agree with A entirely. Because based on reality, nowadays One Direction become trendy, so the event will be more festive.

E : I’m afraid I have to disagree with both of that. But based on my observation, I think  J-Pop and K-Pop artists are more trendy in Indonesia than them. So I propose AKB 48 and Super Junior.

F : Then, how about the stage? I think, if we invite AKB 48 and Super Junior, it will be too much number of personnel.

C : I think there is no problem if we invite AKB 48 and Super Junior. Because this is premeditated from the consumption, and the stage are all clearly arranged.

F : Hmmm… so, if we will invite foreign artists, will be better if they just as a distraction. The main performances, we ask school bands such as TBC, Cassava band, Burgerkill, and so on.

E : Yes, that’s a good point.

C : I agree with her.

D : So do I.

E : Then, how about the money Mr? How much the total money that have been collected at this time?

A : Its about 500 billion  already. If we invite those artist, we still need money for approximately 200 billion more.

B : That means we have to work even harder to get some sponsors!

A : Yes, that’s right.
Okay, so the conclusion is we will invite One Direction, Soimah with Jogja Hip Hop 
Foundation, AKB 48, and Super Junior as the guest stars and don’t forget all the school 
bands as the main performances. Also the administrative details will be discussed next 
week. That’s all for today, and thank you.

A : male
B - F : female

#hopefully this dialogue useful for you :)

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