Minggu, 25 November 2012

Short Story


In a small village there are 3 friendly fireflies. They called Popo, Tutu and Wawa, but the real, Tutu and Wawa don’t like Popo because Popo astute fly at night and when he fly, his body glow beautiful blue light, so the other friends always glorify to Popo.

One evening, the fireflies will perform their respective duties. That afternoon Popo task was to fetch water at the river away from the village, without knowing Popo, Tutu and Wawa follow him. When Popo take the water, Wawa and Tutu sprinkled white powder on a large rock. Popo feel tired after taking the water, and he rested on the huge rock. Behind the bushes Tutu and Wawa feel happy because the trap was successful. After his sufficient rest, Popo go back to the village.

Night comes, when Popo want to fly with his friends he felt weird to his body, because his body could not glowed. He was tried many times but still same. Then he went home, because he was afraid that his friends knew him could not glowing rays. From a far distance looks Tutu and Wawa  laugh happily.

At home, Popo trying to sleep, and when he fell asleep, he had a dream, an ant whispered that something made him unable to glowed is white powder that sprinkled by Tutu and Wawa.

Early morning when he woke up, Popo heard Tutu and Wawa conversations from behind the door. They talk about the white powder to the other fireflies, Popo angry, and then he went out of the room and go to them, and they fight, suddenly another firefly was coming to arbitrate.

Finally, Tutu and Wawa speak honestly to Popo, if they were envy to the beauty of the light that emitted by Popo body when he fly. They also said that the Popo body can fluor the light again if he take a bath in the river, and they asked apologize to Popo.

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